LAMY Accent "Brilliant" Fountain Pen- Black Lacquer

240.00 Incl. VAT

The LAMY Accent fountain pen is an exquisitely crafted, eye-catching instrument that provides the one of smoothest and most comfortable writing experience LAMY has to offer. It features a body made of brilliant lacquer, polished details and an interchangeable diamond lacquer grip section, providing both aesthetics and comfort. It is equipped with a 14 carat bicolour gold nib, partially rhodium plated for optimal performance.


  • Body made of brilliant lacquer and an interchangeable diamond lacquer grip section.
  • Partially rhodium plated 14ct. gold nib.
  • Uses ink cartridge "LAMY T 10 Blue" , can be used with converter "LAMY z 27".
  • Range of equippable nib types.

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